13 Oct 2020

Favourite Patrick Moments (feat. XXPOSED Patrick Star!)

The XXPOSED line of premium dissected figures grows this week with the brand new XXPOSED Patrick Star! The second figure of the series perfectly complements the XXPOSED SpongeBob SquarePants that came before it, after all how could you have SpongeBob without Patrick?!

In this week's blog post, we picked 3 of our favourite Patrick moments and we'll take a closer look at the XXPOSED Patrick Star. Join us below!


If you've read our blogpost about the Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles: SpongeBob SquarePants (Classic Edition), this entry should be no surprise to you! "Is mayonnaise an instrument" is probably one of the most iconic Patrick moments we've been graced with, and considering how widely shared and reference this line is, it would be remiss of us to not have included it here.

Psst... Don't tell Squidward but we think mayonnaise can be an instrument. All you need is a little imaaagination!


Equally iconic is the "No, this is Patrick" moment. Made into a variety of memes and also regularly referenced, Patrick fights to keep his identity. Ever worked in retail and have to deal with customers berating you for decisions made by the company? And you try your hardest to explain that you are not the company and you do not make these decisions... that's essentially this moment if you think about it.

Enjoy the "No, this is Patrick" moment in 24 different languages in the embedded video above!


There was no way this moment would not be included in this list! Perfectly capturing Patrick's lovable-but-frustrating personality, how you react to this moment perhaps is telling to how much you adore this goofy pink starfish. Enjoy the entire scene above, courtesy of the official SpongeBob SquarePants YouTube channel!


It's hard to pick just 3 of our favourite moments, be sure to share with us what your favourite Patrick moment is on social media!

XXPOSED Patrick Star drops on 14 October, 9am EST. Featuring a unique carved out, and hand painted cross-section dissection, some unique secrets lie within!

From the easily identifiable Krabby Patty, to a giant chicken drumstick, Patrick's gut is filled with many interesting bits. And wait... are those screws and nuts?!

The XXPOSED Patrick Star is cut right down the middle for perfect symmetry, and offers the unique dissection XXPOSED is known for. The two halves can be joined together by the built-in magnets to form a complete, non-dissected figure. Imagine all the oohs and aaahs as you split Patrick in half for your friends!

XXPOSED Patrick Star is a 7" tall premium polystone art toy! Available to pre-order from 14 Oct, 9am EST onwards.

Get the XXPOSED Patrick Star for $249, ships free worldwide.

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