16 Jun 2023

Facing Death: Shadowed Samurai by Rob Bowyer

Walking the lonely path, coming face-to-face with his mortality, the Shadowed Samurai trudges on until he meets his end. Worn out, weary from life, he maintains his graceful form unafraid of the future. Even in death, the Shadowed Samurai keeps his honor. 

SIZE: 10"

Rob Bowyer’s character comes to life at Mighty Jaxx! Learn more about this collectible based on his drawing, “IT GETS BETTER”. 

A Fresh Message
Rob Bowyer’s art tends to have a more nihilistic take on life. Yet, Shadowed Samurai gives a different perspective that breaks the mold—that it gets better.

While death is an inevitability that even the Samurai accepts, he continues to trudge on with a strong resolve. No matter how many trials, opponents, and pain life throws at him, he doesn’t waver.

Full-Body Take
Shadowed Samurai features Rob Bowyer’s character in their full glory. Instead of just their top half, the full body of the samurai is revealed,

While Rob Bowyer’s original piece featured a portrait shot of the skeleton samurai’s side profile, this piece builds on that, filling up the rest of his body! Each detail has been carefully considered—from his sandals to the way the blades stab through the gaps in his bones.

Collectible Art
Shadowed Samurai is a large 10-inch polystone art toy, making it the perfect canvas to highlight the intricacies of Rob’s art style and choice of color.

As a weathered wanderer, the samurai’s clothes are torn and tattered—hinting at his journey thus far. From his Kasa to his robes, light cast shadows creating a clear contrast of white and black on his clothing. His dual katana hangs on his back, piercing through his body.

A New Way to Pay

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The Shadowed Samurai awaits—will you accompany him on his lonely walk ahead? Only 300 pieces are available so set your reminders for the launch!




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