20 Oct 2022

Exploring Tattoos Throughout History with Inked Stories: Medusa

Tattoo artist Jon-Paul Kaiser teams up with Mighty Jaxx to bring the legend of Medusa to life in Inked Stories: Medusa. 

Crafted from premium polystone, the sculpt features her iconic head of snakes and alluring gaze. Her tattoos are intricately designed based on various elements of her tale—for example, the head of the Greek hero (and her slayer!) Perseus features prominently across her chest. Stitch them together and unravel her story through ink! 

The art of tattooing has been practiced around the world throughout history, even going as far back as the Stone Age. Here are some notable ways it has been used since then, and today!

Religious Significance

Many religions use tattoos as part of rituals and/or traditions. For example, the Ancient Egyptians are thought to have used tattoos as a form of symbolic protection—women were found to have an intricate net design from their lower back to the navel, forming a protective barrier for their unborn children. 

There is a tradition of protective tattoos in Southeast Asia as well. These Yantra tattoos incorporate Buddhist symbols, images, and mantras, offering benefits like power and protection to the bearer.

Status Symbol

Tattoos have a rich, rollercoaster history in Japan, often related to one’s status in society. In early Japan, they were used to mark criminals, often reserved for those who commit serious crimes. 

During the Edo period, views slowly shifted due to the popularization of the Chinese novel Suikoden. Merchants started displaying their wealth by decorating their bodies with tattoo paintings. 

By the end of the 17th century, the Yakuza began using tattoos as a pledge to show commitment. This resulted in the art being outlawed again in 1868.

Artistic Expression

Whether as a fashion piece or a form of self-expression, the art of tattooing has evolved and cemented itself as a mainstay in society today. Oftentimes, tattoos have a special meaning to the bearer—in the case of Inked Stories: Medusa, they capture key moments in her life. 

The beauty of tattoos lies in choice—each individual is free to choose whatever placement, style, graphic, and meaning they want, creating an intimate, unique work of art only they can have.

Inked Stories: Medusa is an intimate piece—from her gaze to her form and of course, carefully designed tattoos, every element ties in closely to her personality and past experiences. Experience her story in physical form. Only available to Inked Stories: Medusa NFT holders.

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