01 Mar 2023

Examining Matt Bailey's Keep Me Close

An all-new emotionally charged piece from Matt Bailey launches at Mighty Jaxx! Following the footsteps of his other two pieces Keep Me In Your Heart and Breakout, the piece is a suggestive exploration of the pain of holding on to the precious love lost. 

The skeleton lover makes a return in Keep Me Close by Matt Bailey! A woman holds her once-lover tightly, in an intimate, intense position. Find out more about this eye-catching piece!

Two Become One

Completely inseparable, the two are locked in a tight hug, limbs intertwined. Foreheads touching, with a content expression, they are eternally frozen in this beautiful moment where nothing else matters—souls fusing together. 

One as Two

Yet, the two characters clearly retain their distinction—the pure, glossy finish on the woman's skin is juxtaposed against the heavy textures found across the skeleton lover. No matter how close they hold on to each other, the two belong in different worlds. 

A Fused Identity

As an illustrator, Matt Bailey usually works with only two colors: Black and white. This style is reflected in the collectible, playing with different textures to tell the story of these two lovers—holding on tightly, refusing to let each other go. 

Hold tight, this beautiful piece by Matt Bailey makes its debut on Mighty Jaxx. 

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