20 Oct 2021

Everything To Know About patRIOT (The Legacy) by Abell Octovan

patRIOT (The Legacy) by Abell Octovan

From the artist that brought you the bold statement pieces Anti-Supremacy and The Beauty of Rebellion. This week, Abell Octovan returns to bring us patRIOT (The Legacy).

Designed by Abell Octovan

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia designer and producer Abell Octovan has been creating art toys since 2008. Known for exploring popular culture and mashing up two characters or concepts to create one new one, our first release with the talented artist was the highly sought-after I Donut Care.

Abell Octovan Busts

While playful designs like I Donut Care have been his call to fame, Octovan has since gone on to design bold statement pieces like patRIOT. Seemingly in response to current world events, these bold designs encourage us to question the state of affairs. Give him a follow on Instagram, @abell_octovan, and check out all his exciting concepts and works.

patRIOT (The Legacy)

Returning in its second colorway, The Legacy, patRIOT features a buttery smooth black marble-like effect - inspired by beautiful Greek sculptures. patRIOT (The Legacy) swaps the white marble finish of the original for an eye-catching black finish, giving the bust an exalted look and feel. Black was chosen as it is the color of mystery and discovery, inspiring confidence and fearless exploration of the state of affairs patRIOT aims to shine a light on. 

patRIOT (The Legacy) Close Ups

At 12” tall, the polystone bust strikes a magnificent figure. Every detail from its mask to wreath has been dutifully sculpted, with the word “PATRIOT” graffitied across the sculpture’s face in gold and partially struck through. The imposing stature of the bust and its striking design make it a cynosure of all eyes.

Available on October 23rd, 24 Hours Only

patRIOT (The Legacy) by Abell Octovan drops on 23 October, 9 am ET for 24 hours only. Don’t miss out on this time-limited bust, set your reminders here.

patRIOT (The Legacy) Release Banner

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