06 Oct 2020

Did You Know? Fun Facts with 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head

The highly adored 4D XXRAY series recently made its return with the release of the 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head. 4D XXRAY offers collectors the ability to assemble and disassemble the bones and organs of their favourite character quickly and offers great fun with your art collectible!

Mr Potato Head is perhaps the perfect match for the 4D XXRAY series! Known to have his parts fall off and reassembled in weird combinations, Mr Potato Head makes for such a fun character to assemble.

Ordered your 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head already? Here are some fun facts about Mr Potato Head you might not know about!

Fun Fact 1

The original Mr Potato Head came without a "head"! The idea was for children to design their own toy with a set of plastic body parts. Children would decorate a potato (or any vegetable) with the parts and let their imagination run free!

Fun Fact 2

The plastic body parts were first distributed as prizes in cereals.

Fun Fact 3

When the Rhode Island Hassenfeld Brothers company bought the rights to Mr Potato Head, they bundled the parts with a styrofoam head for children to play with. In keeping with the roots of the toy, instructions suggested using a potato or any other vegetable.

Fun Fact 4

Mr Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on TV to children!

Fun Fact 5

Mr Potato Head has a wife, Mrs Potato Head, and two kids Yam and Spud.

Fun Fact 6

In 1985, Mr Potato Head received 4 write-in votes during the mayoral election in Bosie, Idaho.

Fun Fact 7

Don Rickles was the voice behind Mr Potato Head in the Toy Story films. Using archive sound, he voiced Mr Potato Head posthumously in Toy Story 4.

Now that you know a little more about Mr Potato Head, why not get a 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head for yourself?

Mr Potato Head has evolved so much since he was introduced, and dare we say, the 4D XXRAY version might be the most complex and interesting one! Do more than just insert eyes and hands into Mr Potato Head. Take the 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head apart and admire his anatomy, we bet you did not expect him to have skeletons and organs.

Here's a fun game night idea with the 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head - challenge yourself and your friends to see who could build Mr Potato Head the fastest. Loser has to buy everyone fries!

Order your very own 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head HERE today!

$139 with Free Shipping Worldwide - 7.5" ABS/PVC Art Toy - Some Assembly Required

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