23 Jun 2023

Desserts for the Winter with Kandy x Sanrio (Snowy Dreams)

A new Sanrio Blind Box series has arrived! Celebrate all four seasons with Hello Kitty and friends. Kicking off this series is Snowy Dreams—a true celebration of winter (and its sweet treats!).

4” Vinyl Blind Box
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Each character is half transparent, filled with shaker balls that match their respective sweets. Take a look at the collection!


Hello Kitty, Hello Candy
First up, we have the sweet Hello Kitty herself! She’s candy cane-themed—a perfect match for her iconic red and white colors. Don’t miss out on the candy cane she’s holding in her hand.

Cinny Cinnamoroll
What winter dessert matches with Cinnamoroll? You guessed it, a toasty, sweet and spicy cinnamon roll! Warm up with this adorable collectible.

Ch-Charmmy Kitty
You can’t spell dessert without ch-chocolate! Charmmy Kitty is all decked out as a white chocolate truffle. Enjoy this decadent, creamed-filled ball of fun!

Twin Cookies: Lala 
First of the little twin stars we have Lala, in her iconic pink color. She’s dressed as a cookie covered in pink frosting–an absolute treat (for the eyes too)!

Twin Cookies: Kiki
The second little twin star, Kiki, is Lala’s other half—a cookie as well, but this time covered in a pastel green frosting! Instead of a cookie wand like his sister, he simply holds the cookie in his hand.

More Cookies with Pochacco
Not a twin but Pochacco wants in on the cookie theme too. It’s a completely different type however—the super fragrant gingerbread cookie, the definite smell of the winter season.

Noggin’ with Gudetama
Winters special egg dessert, eggnog, makes an appearance with Gudetama! The ultra-rare collectible of the series, he features a matte gold translucent half—a perfect parallel to this luxurious treat.

Which winter dessert do you like the most? Kandy x Sanrio (Snowy Dreams) releases on 1 July! Stay tuned to unveil the Kandy surprise. 





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