25 Jan 2023

Demystifying Van Gogh’s Works with Po Yun Wang’s Art of Picking Series

Continuing from the recent Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring releases, the legendary painter Van Gogh receives the picky treatment from Po Yun Wang. Even the master himself has to scratch an itch!

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the influential figures in the Western art world—with his works being part of the world’s most expensive paintings to have been sold. His style is characterized by his bold, dramatic brush strokes of thickly laid paint—both sharp and unrestrained. As part of this launch, we explore defining aspects of some of his most famous pieces.

The Starry Night

An oil-on-canvas painting, The Starry Night is often seen as Van Gogh magnum opus—one’s greatest work. The painting depicts his view from his time at an asylum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. 

He has depicted twenty one versions of this view—varying the time of the day and weather conditions–using different mediums. Each new variation was based on a previous one, with the diagonal line on the right depicting the Alpine mountains tying everything together. The Starry Night painting was the only nocturnal variation of this view. 

He uses dynamic swirls of the sky and a mix of complementary and contrasting colors to portray his study of the night skies. Ultimately, each element is carefully selected and combined to create what Van Gogh calls the “night effect”.


Van Gogh painted a total of 5 different sunflowers, all on large canvases. He used three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’, demonstrating that shades of a single color can be used to create eloquent paintings. These paintings also had a special meaning for Van Gogh who shared that they communicated ‘gratitude’, among which he gifted three to friends. 

These sunflowers make an appearance in The Art of Picking: Van Gogh by Po Yun Wang. The collectible features interchangeable hands, each holding an object that represents different aspects of Van Gogh. 

One hand holds the sunflower, referencing this piece. Another holds his severed ear, showing his struggles with mental health. The last hand holds paintbrushes— the tool that allows him to express himself. 

Self Portrait

This piece was painted merely months before his death. In this particular self-portrait, Van Gogh wears a suit instead of the pea coat he usually worked in. The focus of the piece is on his face, where he looks thin and anxious and the colors used are muted tones.

For Van Gogh, each self-portrait was an exploration of his inner thoughts, capturing his true feelings. His solemn expression is contrasted by the swirling background, reminiscent of The Starry Night. This creates a visually interesting composition that grants a glimpse into his mind.

The Art of Picking: Van Gogh by Po Yun Wang is sculpted based on this piece. His fiery orange hair is complemented by the blue tones of his outfit and the natural shadows cast on his clothes are done in a way that emulates brush strokes. 

This art collectible brings a cheeky twist while paying tribute to one of the world’s greatest artists. Pick up this and expand your collection!

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