10 May 2019

Come on in! It's the Mighty Cafe!

The doors are finally open! It's the cutest cafe in town, the Mighty Cafe! Be wow-ed by our selection of treats, perfect for all tastebuds. From sweet to savoury, and everything in-between, we've got it all. Experience flavours in ways you never thought you could, or maybe you won't because they are simply too cute to be eaten!

Hambuddha (Buddcafe) byy Tik Ka From East

Every cafe needs a manager and who better to run one than Hambuddha (Buddcafe)? The master of tea breaks and cafes will keep you satisfied and will always make sure that your cups are full and plates filled!

Kaiju's Ramen by Ilustrata

How can a cafe operate without a chef? Mighty Cafe's resident chef is none other than Kaiju's Ramen! His speciality might be ramen but this talented kaiju can dish out more than just a tasty steaming hot bowl of ramen. 

Eastern Egg by PAYNK

Don't let its small size fool you, Eastern Egg packs a flavoursome punch! Just like Chawanmushi, Eastern Egg is a cup of egg mixed with other ingredients! Full of flavour and colour, this fun lil cup is a tasty treat.

Anatomical Chocolate Easter Bunny by Jason Freeny

How can you say no to chocolate!? This delicious bunny comes in an assortment of flavours - from mint to red velvet, and even the divine simplicity of pure chocolate. Take a bite and be transported to a milky chocolate heaven.

Condensed by Doodlesndrips

Warm your soul with steaming bowl of soup on a rainy night. Take a sip for your health, tomato soup is chockfull nutrients like calcium, vitamins, lycopene, and so much more. Calm your soul and boost your immunity, there's nothing quite like a hearty bowl of soup! 

Uniman! by Sesameseedcat

Want something lighter instead? How about some delicious uni sushi? Paired with a bed of rice and seaweed, this delicious dish is complemented with a dollop of wasabi. Careful though, Uniman is a little slippery and is a known escape artist! You just might get yourself a free workout with this meal!

Meowlting by I Love Doodle

Summer is upon us and there is no better way to cool off than with an ice cream cone! Available in an assortment of flavours, from the classic vanilla to the newly launched Catpuccino, and the elusive chocolate, beat the summer heat with Meowlting. Trust us, you've never had anything as purrfect as this!

Coffee! Cat! Ice cream!

These ingredients were chosen to create the perfect dessert! With its soft smile and coffee foam prints, this adorable one slowly meowlts down its green cone. You know what you need to do! Get it before it meowlts away! 

Meowlting (Catpuccino) by I Love Doodle meowlts its way online on 11 May at 9am ET! 

// 6" Vinyl Art Collectible . $99 . Free Shipping Worldwide //

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