30 Aug 2019

Caring for Your Wood Art Toy

So you're considering purchasing the all new Woodworked 8" POPek by Whatshisname, but unlike every other toy you own or that has been made by Mighty Jaxx, this one isn't vinyl or resin. It is wood! You begin to worry about things like termites, moisture, heat, or cleaning this gorgeous piece. Well, we're here to help! Let's get to it!

A common worry for anyone making a purchase of a wood based product would be termites. Our factory has assured us that the Woodworked POPek will not attract termites, keeping this investment safe from those pesky critters. While you won't have to worry about termites, be aware of where POPek leaves his lil' poop though. POPek might have gone through different colourways, traveled to space, and now even changed materials, but he still goes as he pleases. Guess somethings never change - we still love him though! The wood has also been treated to prevent it from rotting and to protect it from fungal infections. So check those worries off your list!

Exposure to the sun's rays can cause any wood product to fade overtime. While steps have been taken to slow down the fading, it is an inevitable outcome of placing natural wood in direct sunlight. To keep you Woodworked POPek looking the best it can, in its beautiful and natural deep wood colour, we recommend you display him out of direct sunlight. This also means it isn't the best idea to display Woodworked POPek outdoors on your porch, no matter how badly you want to flex on your regular vinyl POPek having neighbours.

Oh no! Did you spill water onto your Woodworked POPek?! Well, let out a sigh of relief, this dog can get wet. As with all toys, we wouldn't recommend dunking it into a tub full of soapy water to clean. Wiping it down with a damp cloth is sufficient, and a paint brush is always handy in getting to those hard reach joints where dust accumulates. Also, avoid using strong cleaning agents like bleach when you give your Woodworked POPek a clean.

Beech wood is also naturally strong and is pretty resistant to abrasions. Your Woodworked POPek should do fine against small dumps and low drops, but do not go at it with a knife or throw it against a wall. First of all, what has POPek done to deserve such treatment? Secondly, if you do that and damage your Woodworked POPek, it is a guilt you'll have to live with forever. Find out more about beech wood HERE.

Woodworked 8" POPek by Whatshisname will be available for order on 31 August at 9am ET. VIPs ranked navigator and above can call dibs on the special piece on 30 August at 9am ET. Woodworked POPek is the first in a line of wood based products from Mighty Jaxx dubbed Woodworked.

US$699 with FREE shipping worldwide | Limited Edition of 88 pcs only | Each Piece Comes in a Custom Collector's Box | Signed & Numbered COA Included

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