10 Nov 2020

Caring for your flocked Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street

Are you excited to meet your new best fwenz?! Introducing the Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street collection of flocked collectibles! Let's meet the collection, and we’ve got some tips on how to care for your flocked collectible.

The Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street comes with 6 regular characters - Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Grover, and Count! Each character has a little accessory that is their favourite thing as seen from the show.

Being the regular characters, you are most likely to get them when you purchase single boxes. Who of the 6 is your favourite? 

It wouldn’t be a blindbox if it didn’t come with some rare pieces! Meet the rare Big bird Stripes and Grover Stars, and the ultra-rare Elmo Hearts! There’s a 1/24 chance of getting either rare piece, and a 1/48 chance of getting the ultra-rare. You know you’re really lucky if you get any of them, and you’re probably blessed if you get all 3!

All 9 characters are beautifully flocked for a gorgeous in-hand feel. Caring for your flocked toy is not the same as caring for your vinyl art toys, you can’t just wipe them down with a cloth and hope for the best.

Here are 4 tips to care for your flocked art toy:

 Keep them in a dry place

This helps prevent moisture build up and mold growth on your adorable Furr Fwenz. Repurpose silica gel packets from shoes, bags, and the likes - they’re incredibly helpful in keeping your mildew and mold away!

Out of direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can discolour the figures, it’s best to keep them away from your windows if you can!

Gently flick away dirt

Use a soft toothbrush to gently flick away any dirt that lands on your Furr Fwenz. Do not brush vigorously as the action might rip the flocking. Magic tape, masking tape, and blu tac can also be gently pressed on the affected area to remove dirt.

Air dry for a few days

If your Furr Fwenz gets wet, it’s best to let them air dry for a couple of days to make sure that moisture has fully evaporated from your figure. Using a blowdryer in a low setting, or an electric fan would work too. Softly pressing the figure between two soft towels also helps remove excess water from the figure.

Now that you have met the Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street collection and learnt a bit more about caring for them, be sure to order your own on 11 Nov, 9pm SGT onwards. Each figure stands approximately 4” tall. Order a single box for $13.99 or get a tray of 12 with free shipping for $167.88!

Bring home the Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street blindbox collection of flocked toys and experience endless imaginative fun with your new best fwenz!

 Due to licensing agreements with Sesame Workshop, the sale of Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street is currently limited to:

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and China


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