13 Oct 2021

Buzzing In With Picky Eaters: The Bee

Are you ready for chow time? The Picky Eaters welcomes a new chef to the crew - The Bee! He picks up a storm and hides a secret behind his back… Are you eager to find out more?

Picky Eaters Series

Frying up a storm in the kitchen, Picky Eaters: The Bee dreams to make the best-fried chicken in all of the world. Working those fryers like a magician, he puts his secret ingredient into every batch fresh out of his nose - hey, they said ignorance is bliss! What goes on in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen.

You won’t find a trace of green in anything he serves, no olives no lettuces here, no sir.

The Bee will fry up the most joyful bucket of fried chicken but don’t be deceived! There’s a dark side to his ambition, he has a deathly grip on The Grandpa. Bee-gone grandpa, the chicken wars are in full swing and The Bee has his eyes on the prize! It’s a fierce battle and to keep his cool, The Bee squeezes his chicken drumstick stress ball to stay joyful.

Picky Eaters: The Bee Interchangeable Hands

Complete your Picky Eaters collection with The Bee! The latest in the line-up of cheeky vinyl collectibles comes with 4 interchangeable hands for you to swap out and display as you please. Whether he’s strangling The Grandpa or holding a bag of food from a rival food chain, scratching his bum plotting how to overthrow The Grandpa, or crossing his fingers to wish The Grandpa gone; the choice of how to display him is yours. But sheesh, The Bee really doesn’t like The Grandpa

Chicken Drumstick Stress Ball

To celebrate the release of Picky Eaters: The Bee, every order will come bundled with a chicken drumstick stress ball for you to squeeze the stress of the day away as you sink your teeth into some delicious fried chicken.

If you love these plump and adorable characters inspired by famous faces, be sure to read our interview with the artist Po Yun Wang!

Picky Eaters: The Bee Release Banner

Picky Eaters: The Bee by Po Yun Wang will be dropping on Saturday, 18 Oct, at 9 am ET for 24 hours only. Click here to set your reminders. Be sure to subscribe below and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with more Picky Eaters releases!



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