14 Apr 2021

Bird City Saints (Phoenix Edition) Prototype Sneakpeek!

Are you ready for Sentrock Weekend? A new player joins in on the court – Bird City Saints (Phoenix Edition) by Sentrock is here! In a vibrant purple jersey inspired by a sports team from the artist Sentrock's hometown, Phoenix, we must say that this colorway is totally lit! To prepare for this special launch, we have created a vinyl prototype and got it all hand-painted so that you can see what this fresh new colorway will look like in the flesh! 

A hand-painted prototype with real spray cans!

The Phoenix Edition design features a matching spray can, just like the Chicago edition. His jersey features the words "Bird City" and a flying basketball. And of course, kicks in matching purple is a must. This guy can win points just based on good looks alone! Check out this handsome group shot of the 3 colorways so far, all ready to show you who owns the game. 

Bird City Saint Phoenix edition with Chicago and OG edition!


Watch us unbox the Chicago Edition!

We know you are already a fan of Sentrock, but just in case you missed our interview with the Chicago street artist, here's a link to our YouTube video! If you want to hear heart-felt stories of the origins of Bird City Saint, Sentrock's journey as an artist, what the mask stands for, and more, watch this and we promise you won't regret it.

Bird City Saint Phoenix Edition by Sentrock is an 8" tall vinyl collectible, with free shipping worldwide when you get it on Launching this Saturday, 17 Apr, at 9am EST for 48 hours only, be sure to grab yours by 19 Apr, 9am EST to be part of the team. Remember to subscribe to our newsletters to keep updated on all of our releases!


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