23 Apr 2020

Artist Interview: Po Yun Wang

This week marks our first collaboration with artist Po Yun Wang, also known as Jack, and the birth of a new series of figures - Picky Eaters! Kick starting our partnership is Picky Eaters: The Clown and as we eagerly await the drop, we had the chance to sit down with Jack for a quick interview.

Hey Jack! Thank you for doing this interview, and letting our readers get to know a little more about you and your artistic journey. What got you interested in art?
It was the only subject that I was good at when I was a kid.

Who inspired your art while you were growing up?
Leonardo Da Vinci was my idol when I grew up.

What sort of mediums do you enjoy working on?
I used to draw with pencils, but right now mostly i draw on photoshop and illustrator.

How would you describe your art style?
Parody i guess? I like making fun of pop culture and also thinking what will happen when iconic characters become normal people.

Where do you hope for your artistic journey to move on to next?
I would love to have more collaboration with different fields or artists.

Tell us a little about Picky Eaters, what inspired its creation?
I thought it would be funny if all these characters would rather eat their competitor's food instead.

Let us know...
Favourite food?

Favourite movie?
Anything with sci-fi.

Favourite music album?
I usually listen to Jazz radio when i am drawing.

The piece you're most proud of?
The piece that i am most proud of is actually my thesis project that i did in 2008. I won the Adoble achievement Award because of this project.

Picky Eaters: The Clown is the first piece in a new line-up of toys with artist Po Yun Wang. Get it on 25 Apr at 9am EST for $149 with free shipping worldwide on

Watch the Mighty Jaxx team talk about the conceptualisation of Picky Eaters: The Clown, mukbang style! Will their tongues survive the wrath of spicy food? Will we understand anything they say? Watch to find out!



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