06 Jun 2019

Artist Interview: Luke Pelletier & Robo Hammerhead

What do you get when a nuclear weapon detonates over a high hammerhead?

Washing ashore this week is Robo Hammerhead by Luke Pelletier. His work is filled with personal anecdotes, dark humor, both dualities & contradictions through scenes of decaying paradise. In the spirit of our first collaboration with the talented artist, we had the opportunity to interview Luke. We also had the luck to sit down with Robo Hammerhead and found out a little more about this interesting beast. Read on!

Hello Luke! Thank you for doing this interview, and letting our readers get to know a little more about you and your artistic journey. What got you interested in art?

I always sort of made art, but I started taking it more seriously when I began making graphics for the bands I was in growing up. I'd do all the flyers and merch. That was really the start of my art.

What sort of mediums do you like to work with?

I usually work with acrylics and canvas or wood panel. I also do a lot of photography, music, and drawing.

Work Hard And Buy Lottery Tickets by Luke Pelletier

Where, or who, do you draw inspiration from?

I get inspiration from all over. I look at a lot of mid century graphic design and advertising for inspiration, but I also love the Chicago Imagists.

We know you’re a talented guy - you do music as well, what got you started in that?

I've always made music. I started playing in punk bands when I was in high school, but I guess my music has changed a lot since then.

Are there any other forms of art  you want to get into?

I'd love to try out animation, but I don't know if I have the patience for it.

Call Mom by Luke Pelletier

What would your dream collaboration be?

Maybe an album cover for Tom Waits.

What would you say is your proudest work so far?

I made a giant beach scene painting for my last solo show at New Image Art gallery in LA. That was definitely my favorite thing.

Thank you Luke! Now we've got some questions for Robo Hammerhead; what would you say is your life's mission?

Get stoned and chill with hot babes.

Which of the 5 oceans is your favourite?

The Atlantic

What is your main source of energy?


Would you say existence is painful?

Not when you're high

Have you met our friend Uniman? We think you guys could be friends!

Haha we'd totally be friends.


Robo Hammerhead by Luke Pelletier drops this Saturday, 8 June 2019, at 9am ET! The 6" vinyl designer art collectible features movable parts and is available for US$129 with free shipping worldwide! Available on


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