07 Nov 2019

Artist Interview: Danil YAD

This week, we welcome a new artist to the Mighty Jaxx roster! Say hello to Danil Yad, the digital sculptor is the creative behind this week's drop - Shoe Designer.

"All my life I liked to sculpt and create something, but I met with Digital Sculpting relatively recently. This tool allowed me to quickly implement my ideas and pay more attention to projects, rather than the technical component. Now I continue to search for new ideas and build skills."

Join us below and get to know the artist in our interview below! 

Hello Danil! Thank you for doing this interview, and letting our readers get to know a little more about you and your artistic journey. What got you interested in art?

First of all, thanks for your interest in my work. I will share my experience with pleasure.

I am primarily interested in self-expression in art. This is a very good tool to get your point across. It is in the AUTHORS project that I praise human genius. Everyone knows the big brands, but people are standing behind every brand.

Who inspired your art while you were growing up?

My father. He is a very well-read person. From my childhood he talked a lot about art. He told us about Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Bosch, Bruegel ... and so on. These people were, for me, like superheroes from comics in my childhood. I was born in a very creative family and went this way myself, it could not have been otherwise.

What sort of mediums do you enjoy working on?

Now I work on a PC with a Wacom graphic tablet. Sometimes I mold simple forms from plasticine to see it physically. But a digital sculpture is a very convenient tool to quickly realize my ideas.

How would you describe your art style?

The balance between nature and hard surface. In the work, I show natural, living lines more technical, achieve an interesting silhouette of the entire character and individual details, simplify objects as much as possible, but leave them recognizable.

You've mentioned that you really like to sculpt, what is the craziest thing you've sculpted so far? 

There was a very interesting project - Nikanor Yarmin X What The Shape, inspired by the Post Malone Beerbongs & Bentleys album. In it I participated as a sculptor. For me it was a new experience at that time and there I learned a lot.

Link to Nikanor on the project.

Let us know...
Favourite food?

What my mom and my girlfriend cooks.

Favourite movie?

After such a question, a lot of answers pop up immediately (laughs). Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, The Machinist, Filth ... The Dark Knight. This is not the top, just what I first remembered.

Favourite music album?

Wow. It always depends on the mood. For example, Tupac Shakur, I recently listened - All Eyez On Me. A strong impression was made by Post Malone with the album Beerbongs & Bentleys.

The piece you’re most proud of?

The project AUTHORS and Designer Shoes in particular. This is currently the main project for me. It was in this project, I found my own recognizable style of stylized. I'm glad that, thanks to our collaboration, this project is being implemented. Let's see what will happen next...

Shoe Designer by Danil YAD will be available to order on 9 November 2019 at 9am ET. For 24 hours only, get the 8" vinyl art toy for $179 with free shipping worldwide!

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