17 Sep 2021

An Early Look At Kwistal Fwenz: My Little Pony

Over the past couple of years, we launched multiple blind box collections. Our goal was to bring the world of designer collectibles to the masses. Kwistal Fwenz is the newest treatment we’ve developed, and it’s making its debut with My Little Pony later this fall. Here’s an early look at what to expect with the new treatment.

Magical Design, Inspired by Crystals

The manes of each pony are designed to mimic the look of precious crystals. Using specially treated PVC, the manes of each pony are finished with a clear glossy crystal-like look. Crystals are often thought of as having magical properties, by pairing the crystal look with the ponies from My Little Pony, the Kwistal Fwenz collection brings the dazzling touch of magic and friendship to your collection.

Kwistal Fwenz: My Little Pony, Applejack with Packaging

7 Ponies To Collect

There are 7 different ponies to collect in Kwistal Fwenz: My Little Pony, each pony is approximately 3” tall. With the Mane 6 form up the collection, you can expect to see fan favorites Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Each pony comes with an accessory that’s tied to their “purpose”, for example, Applejack’s figurine comes with a bucket of apples attached. The 7th My Little Pony figurine is a special edition Twilight Sparkle collectible, with only a 1/24 chance of getting this rare piece.

Kwistal Fwenz: My Little Pony Release Date

Kwistal Fwenz: My Little Pony

We’re excited to bring you this new collection of My Little Pony toys this fall. Stay tuned for more release information and collection reveals over on the Mighty Jaxx Funboxx Instagram page.


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