28 Jun 2019

Alex Face x Mighty Jaxx

Celebrated Thai artist Alex Face is known for his signature baby character in animal suits - named Mardi. You've probably seen her painted along walls not only in Bangkok, but in many cities all over the world. The idea for the character came to Alex Face following the birth of his daughter; "The first time I saw her she looked angry or worried” it made him wonder why she looked like that, causing him to reflect on the life she had ahead. “I thought are you not happy to be my daughter? Are you not happy to be in the world?”

Art can help calm people, including those who create it. I’m always frustrated every time I have to face selfish people in the city. But graffiti helps me relax as I can release my feelings and regain my optimism through the nice people I meet.
- Alex Face (Source: BK)

Mighty Jaxx has worked closely with Alex Face for awhile now, and our partnership has brought Mardi into the homes of many collectors. Realising Alex Face's iconic graffiti works in a collectible figure form is not only an honour but a privilege. Let's look back at what we've done together so far! 

Baby Rabbit

Our first art toy with Alex Face was the iconic Baby Rabbit! Made in 5 different colourways - White (OG), Chrome, Pink, Black, and Eskimo - Baby Rabbit represents  peace and contemplation in a world of chaos. 

 The third eye is a signature characteristic of Alex Face’s baby figures, symbolising the spiritual and unknown realm that we can only feel but cannot see.

Baby Beyond

Baby Beyond, our second art figure with Alex Face. Holding in his hands eternal love and peace, Baby Beyond shows us the world we should strive to achieve. Squashing our troubles and keeping our minds clear, keep your hearts open and embrace all the love the world has to offer. 

Here's a little peep into the production of Baby Beyond: 

My Mardi the Bunny character was actually inspired by my daughter. When she was just born, her face looked so grumpy, like she was thinking really hard or worrying about her future in this troubled world. I sketched her face and started creating Mardi, a little child who wears a ragged rabbit suit. Rabbits also symbolize being a victim in this world.
- Alex Face (Source: BK)

Baby Beyond by Alex Face
drops 29 June at 9am ET! The 12" polystone art toy will be available for US$249 with FREE shipping worldwide. Baby Beyond is in stock and ready to ship, but hurry! Extremely limited quantities available! 

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