28 Aug 2020

A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Edition): Meeting The Companion

Standing in front of a mirror, A Wood Awakening Donkey takes stock of his ears and tail. It wasn't that long ago when he was still part puppet-part boy. Swapping out his yellow outfit for the blue and red we first saw him in, he reminisces when everything begun.

He used to be the envy of every puppet. Only he was part boy, no other puppet ever was! But now, with his donkey tail and ears, he has become nothing more but the butt of jokes. He feels so alone. "Why won't the Fairy Godmother just grant me my wish?" he wonders "Why does she play these games instead?"

Walking along the edge of the enchanted forest to clear his mind, he wishes there was someone else who understood what he is going through. Anyone, or anything, that could truly sympathise with him.

In the distance he sees a small figure with donkey-like ears. Hopping from tree to tree. As if by magic, it turns around and they make eye contact and could not believe what they're seeing! The same clothes, the same ears, the same tail, and the same fullness! A bond is instantly formed, they've found each other.

Join A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Edition) as they go on an adventure at the carnival over on our social media accounts. Watch their friendship burgeon, it's the start of something magical!



A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Edition) comes in the iconic blue and red colourway of the original A Wood Awakening. Featuring all the details you love, from his cute buttons to his shocked expression, and the playful donkey ears and tail of the Donkey edition.

We've seen A Wood Awakening in many colourways but this playful take is something truly fun to own. A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Edition) stands 11.5" tall and is made from vinyl.

What makes the A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Edition) special is his companion piece - or his BFF if you will. The familiar little cricket carries the same features as our puppet friend - down to the expression! He stands at approximately 3" tall and you cannot get him anywhere else! This companion piece is only available with the A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Edition).

A Wood Awakening Donkey (BFF Edition) will be available for order on 29 August at 9am EST.

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