21 Dec 2021

A Holiday Food Fight With Garfield Lasagna Bomber

You’ve flung donuts with Donut Bomber and you’ve launched a cheesy pizza with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Bomber. Now for the holidays, you’ll get to hurl some saucy lasagnas with Garfield Lasagna Bomber in the food fight of justice!

Garfield Lasagna Bomber

Designed by Ndikol, his works are known for their trademark throwing poses with each character about to fling something that’s closely associated with them. With the latest Garfield Lasagna Bomber, he lends his creative talent to the beloved tabby cat.

Keep the Mondays away from this guy unless you want a dish of lasagna hurled straight to your face. Stylized in a black and white graffiti-like finish, Garfield Lasagna Bomber features a contrasting get-up along with his unmistakable orange fur. Check out the details that adorn this unique collectible:

Garfield Lasagna Bomber Feature Image 1 Garfield Lasagna Bomber Feature Image 2 Garfield Lasagna Bomber Feature Image 3 Garfield Lasagna Bomber Feature Image 4

This Christmas, join in the food bomber movement with Garfield Lasagna Bomber and Ndikol’s motley crew of fighters! What are they fighting for? We don’t know but a food fight sure is some messy fun with these guys. Want us to hurl (ship actually) a Garfield Lasagna Bomber your way for free? Keep tabs on our Instagram and you could win the new collectible! 

Beef lasagna or vegan lasagna - no matter the choice, Garfield is ready to hurl it at all Mondays! Join the winning side of the food fight with Garfield Lasagna Bomber this Christmas day, 25 Dec, at 9 am ET.

$199 // Free shipping worldwide

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