07 Jul 2022

Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Vecna

The terrifying villain in highly-acclaimed hit Netflix series Stranger Things 4 has crossed over from the Upside Down! While death and destruction are left in his wake, not all is bad. This week, we are beyond excited to present Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Vecna, a collectible that immortalizes the supervillain, with easter eggs and all. 

To make a collectible that’s worthy of this epic series, we’ve packed in as many details as we can into an 8” vinyl figure while toning down on the nightmare fuel. Take a closer look if you dare!

SPOILERS SECTION. Continue reading after “END OF SPOILERS” to avoid them


Paying attention to the new details in the Upside Down found in the latest season, the hive-mind network of vines and tentacles are shown spreading out all over the base from under Vecna’s feet. Behind Vecna, find a miniature of the wrecked doorway and the ominous grandfather clock, creating a closer representation of the Upside Down as seen in Season 4.

For Vecna himself, we’ve added in stylized veins and tentacle-like hair to maintain his likeness while making him look a little less creepy. Standing atop a hill of ruins and vines, Vecna is portrayed extending his evil hands. Whether it is to terrorize his next victim or control other evil forces, that’s up to your imagination, but this imposing pose spells d-a-n-g-e-r. 

Take a closer look at Vecna’s wrist, and you’ll find the “001” tattoo on it – a little easter egg we’ve hidden! This plot twist revealed at the very end of the part 1 release of Stranger Things 4 is definitely a memorable one, so this small but important detail on the collectible is a fun reminder of the origins of Vecna. Remember to surprise your friends with it!


This release of Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Vecna is only the beginning of our collaboration with Stranger Things 4. We will be releasing another wave of super exciting collectibles for this hit series later in the year. Prepare for more scary cuteness, adorable monsters, and psychic humans! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch the part 1 of our video feature, coming up real soon!


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Stranger Things x Mighty Jaxx: Vecna drops Saturday, 9 July, at 9am ET.
8" tall vinyl collectible
$159 with free shipping worldwide

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