28 Apr 2021

A Classic Fairytale-Gone-Wrong... No Companion: Trust No One

Sometimes friends are forever, but sometimes friendship can turn sour. No Companion: Trust No One is here to show you what it’s like to be crushed in the hand of a friend. This popular silhouette by Abell Octovan takes a spin at flipping off the warnings of a friend who truly cares, and this week, No Companion: Trust No One returns in a wonderful new colorway, the Classic Edition.

The perfect piece to go on your shelf


Paying tribute to classic fairytales that we love, the Classic Edition is inspired by the smell of old books and the feeling of losing track of time when reading a really good story. This vinyl art collectible creates an interesting illusion of two-dimensionality with its unique two-toned details that mimic etching, reminiscent of vintage printed illustrations.

No Companion: Trust No One Classic Edition against the Black Gold Edition


Celebrating good story-telling, we are having an Instagram contest to let YOU tell the story of this fairytale-gone-wrong, right now! Head to our Instagram to participate in the giveaway, where you stand to bring home this gorgeous No Companion: Trust No One (Classic Edition) by Abell Octovan and get your story included in one of our Instagram posts! Whether it’s a betrayal or a regretful mistake, the sky (and 10 words) is the limit. So put your writer’s hat on and head over to Instagram to take part!

Complete this story & participate in our Instagram contest


No Companion: Trust No One (Classic Edition) by Abell Octovan is an 8” tall vinyl art toy that will be available for 24 hours only from Saturday, 1st May, 9am EST. Be sure to stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook, or catch us on YouTube for news on the latest releases! Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll never miss a thing!


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