27 Dec 2018

5 Big Bird Quotes to end 2018

What, it's the end of the year already!? 2018 kinda flashed past faster than we could say "dissection"! It's been another exciting year of creating, collaborating, and bringing some of the most awesome works we've seen to life! To end off this great year, we've picked the friendliest, yellowest, biggest bird to be with you and that special bird is none other than XXRAY Plus: Sesame Street Big Bird!

A little silly sometimes but always positive, we've picked 5 encouraging quotes from Big Bird that we totally relate to. So take a walk down memory lane with us, won't you?

Everyone makes mistakes, so why can't you?
No doubt, everyone makes mistakes and there's nothing wrong with that. If your kid made a mistake, teach them this song! If your co-worker made a mistake, share this song with them! After all, mistakes are what help us learn, so chill out and start again.

I'm happy to be me!

It's a struggle sometimes to be comfy in your own skin. But it's 2018, soon to be 2019, and the world is a much more progressive place than what it used to be. Whenever you feel lacking in confidence, or awkward, think about how a giant, bright yellow bird can be this happy about being himself!

Of course, that is not to say that we shouldn't improve. Focus on what you expect of yourself rather than what you think others expect of you, and just... work it!

We can still be friends!
Everyone is unique, and different, and special! So perhaps there are times when we don't see eye to eye with someone, or just could not understand another person. That is normal and what's important is that we work out our differences and accept others for who they are!

Even if you disagree with that, you can't deny that Big Bird dancing with R2D2 is just hella cute.

That's cooperation!
Indeed! There are lots of things that we can't do as an individual but with a team, it's a lot easier. We at Mighty Jaxx are surely blessed to be able to work with so many different artists and have such talented minds on the team. So if there are times when you feel like you couldn't make it on your own, try asking your friends for help! You'd be surprised how willing people can be to cooperate!

Health tip: LOTS OF SLEEP!
LOTS OF SLEEP, PEOPLE! You heard the bird! We blame it on Netflix and video games these days, keeping us up all night and groggy all morning. Now if you want to be energetic and pumped all the time like Big Bird, stop that binge watching and get snoozing. 

There you have it! That's 5 useful quotes from Big Bird, with all these videos grabbed from Sesame Workshop's Big Bird Playlist on Youtube. Check out the other awesome videos from Sesame Street – even if you hadn't watched them as a kid, we are pretty sure you'd enjoy them just as much now!

Also, major kudos to Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer who performed Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. This dedicated performer has recently retired after 50 years of playing these memorable characters that shaped millions of young minds around the world. Here's a bad ass image of the man performing Oscar while still wearing Big Bird's legs, courtesy of Sesame Workshop.

Following the two madly popular releases of XXRAY Plus Elmo, OG and Mono Edition, be ready to catch XXRAY Plus: Sesame Street Big Bird! Pre-order starts Saturday, 29 Dec 2018, at 9am ET. Grab this 10" tall, limited edition toy here on! With that, have a great New Year and don't forget to get enough sleep!!

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