13 Feb 2023

3 reasons why you should #GETAUTHENTICATED!

Own a Mighty Jaxx toy? It comes embedded with a unique FORREAL-powered NFC (near-field communication) chip which gives your physical collectibles a bunch of additional digital features. Find out why you should scan this chip through the Mighty Jaxx app and #GETAUTHENTICATED!

REASON 1: Say no to fear of fakes

Reps and fake goods are just not it. The unique NFC chip embedded in each toy is Mighty Jaxx’s seal of authenticity—scan them and verify that they’re a genuine, authentic product. This system is powered by FORREAL and is aimed at combating fakes. 

Not only are you guaranteed a high level of quality and craftsmanship, but you’ll also be supporting your favorite artists and brand, ensuring that they’re properly remunerated for their work!

REASON 2: Admire your collection anywhere, anytime

After authenticating your collectible, they’ll appear in the Vault on your Mighty Jaxx app. This Vault works similarly to a virtual shelf—home to digital versions of every Mighty Jaxx product you own.

With this, you’ll be able to enjoy your collection everywhere you go, whether you’re on vacation overseas or taking a toilet break at work. 

REASON 3: Supercharge future culture

By authenticating your products through our app, you're taking part in a completely new way of collecting! It links your purchases with your Mighty Jaxx accounts, which means that we can easily reach out to you when we’re running specials!

You can also easily transfer ownership of your product digitally, creating a trail of authentication, ensuring that you’ll have full transparency all the way through.

BONUS: Gain Extra Mighty Coins!

Ready to authenticate your products? We’re giving you an extra reward—every toy you scan will give you 100 MIGHTY COINS, automatically added to your account. This lasts for a limited time only, so don’t wait!


Step 1: Download the Mighty Jaxx app and sign in
Step 2: Hit “Scan” and place your device’s scanner against the toy’s NFC chip (remember to remove the FORREAL sticker!)
Step 3: Scan it once more and you’re done


Get the most out of your collectibles, download the app and get started:


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