25 May 2018

3 Fun Facts about Dikku-san

Welcome to the world of Dikku-san!

You may be wondering, "isn't a dick-character a little too crude?". Well, yes, but only in YOUR universe! Being a dick in the world of Dikku-san is the only way of life! They wrestle fair and square, get piss drunk on Friday nights, judge their sons-in-law while drinking ochapretend to look busy at work and send their kiddos to school!

Despite being shy, sensitive creatures, these lovely dicks find it hard to gain acceptance from other species because of the way they look. They have always hesitated about showing up in the human universe, until now!


This week, we are making our naughtiest, wettest dreams come true with the "Dikku-san" blind box series. Dikku-san is not only our second original design that's created 100% in-house, the first one being the Amefuri Kozou, he is also the first blind-box series that we are presenting to the world! After 6 months of designing, sculpting and prototyping, we're proud to finally see this creation come (no pun intended) together.

While this is not the first toy with dicks that we have carried (remember the Beary Efficient Golden Sun and Beary Efficient Grizzly Brown by Naughty Brains?), and certainly not the first dick-character that we've seen, Dikku-San holds a very special place in our hearts and we have such a personal connection. Here's why...


#1 – Dikku-san originated from dick-doodles

DUH!? It all began with a white board (in our meeting room, mind you) and a couple of dick doodles. How often, though, do you look at your random doodle of a dick and go, "hey, this dick doing things looks funny, let's produce it as a blind box series!"? Well, here at Mighty Jaxx, we take every oozing drop of inspiration seriously, sometimes way too seriously... 

These 5 in this series were but a few of our favourites out of dozens of Dikku-san that we had sketched. Our concept artist and designers tend to go all out. Or maybe they just love sketching dicks... Anyway we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

#2 – The initial sculpts of Dikku-san were done by a girl

Yup, they were. If you came into our office a few months ago, you would see Google images of dick pics conspicuously displayed on the screens of a very demure young lady. It was all for work and research. Ok kidding about that part, she actually referenced a toy dick. But it is true that the initial sketches were done by her before being passed on to a senior 3D-sculptor (a guy) to finalise the finishing details. She had also sculpted the wildly popular Maneki-Dino by Juce Gace, which is now sold out!

We are not sure how she felt about the whole process, all we know is that she almost became a vegetarian soon after.

#3 – We put Dikku-San on beer bottles for Chinese New Year 2018

Question: What will Chinese New Year be without some beer with customised labels with dicks on it? Answer: A flacid one.

When we had the chance to create our own beer labels with the good people of Trouble Brewing Singapore, our founder Jackson felt an undeniable desire to turn two of our Dikku-san sketches into beer bottle labels. One of which is, of course, Drunk Dikku-san and the other being Business Dikku-san (it's possible that they are the same Dikku).

This secret operation was a funny surprise for the rest of us and the labels now reside in our office as a random collage on a random table in the pantry. 

What do you think about Dikku-san? Does he... arouse interest?

Dikku-san Blind Box will be for sale this Saturday, 26 May at 10am EDT. A mystery chase awaits you! So increase your chances of completing the full set of 6 (including the chase) greatly by purchasing a display case of 12 pcs. Click here to check it out! 



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