19 Feb 2016

Jason Freeny presents Balloon Dog and Bathing Ducky Anatomy!

"Funny anatomy plastic model, easy to assemble and highly detailed finishing!" Manufactured by 4D Master and designed by Jason Freeny, the Balloon Dog anatomy feature 26 separate pieces including an easy-to-assemble skeletal system and detachable organs. This 10" Balloon Dog will retail for $45 each. 

Joining this release is the brand new Bathing Ducky (Funny Anatomy), also designed by Jason Freeny!. It is a fun collectible and you can easily detach parts of it's anatomy. This 4" Bathing Ducky will retail for $20 each.

Both products will ship in 2nd Quarter 2016.

Here's are the release details,

20th February 2016

London - 2PM

New York - 9AM

Singapore - 10PM



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