03 Jun 2015

Legendary Skate/Surf artist JIM PHILLIPS presents THE RUNNING EYE!


Legendary skate/surf artist JIM PHILLIPS collaborates with street wear brand Subcrew, artist Jahan Loh and art figure makers Mighty Jaxx to present his latest sculpture work, THE RUNNING EYE. Produced under the direct supervision of Jim himself over a period of 12 months, this limited edition art collectible will be released in New York City on 5th June 2015. Online release details below.

We have invited art and skate personalities who share the same respect towards Jim and his works, to contribute a unique custom Running Eye just for this event. Also available are some lifestyle items based on the Running Eye design, produced by SUBCREW, to commemorate the event. RSVP now!

Artist Roster:

Jim Phillips
Jimbo Phillips Graphix
Colby Phillips
Christian Hosoi
Steve Caballero
Jakuan Melendez of 360 Toy Group
Greg Rivera of Мишка
Ewokone ART
Buff Monster
Brian Flynn
David Flores
Spencer MAR Guilburt
Les Schettkoe
Brian Romero
Austin England
Mark Hoppus

Online Release ( :
6 June 2015
New York (11AM)
London (4PM)
Singapore (11PM)

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"Running Eye is one of my most favorite characters that I’ve created. I like displaying it in my studio, I think it represents art and belongs in every art studio. When I first became obsessed by the symbolism of the human eye, it was after the shock I experienced while seeing An Andalusian Dog, a 1929 surrealist silent movie by director Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. The opening scene begins with a close-up of the apparent slitting of a woman's eye by a man with a straight razor as the full moon is slit by a narrow passing cloud. It was not so much the horror of the deft incision but the overriding violence of symbolism and the relative connection to art, artists and the viewing public, and how all who were in attendance in the tiny art films theatre channeling those images through their corneas, retinas and optic nerves wired directly to their brains vicariously experienced the razor's slash in the most personal way.

The nearest analogy is looking into the barber's mirrors mounted in front and back repeating your reflection into infinity just as the aftershock memory of slitting flashes back to continually repeat the vicious assault. The eye is not only the window of your soul, but it is the window of your world and especially the window of perception for artists of visual expression. For them, like the eagle, the eye is everything, seeing, observing, looking, scanning, surveying, glancing, gazing, peeking, staring, and knowing.

The subsequent artistic application of mentally processed images are systematic but they are bound for other eyes to view as if to complete some vicious circle. But now with Running Eye, when the eye itself is the subject, and the object of such seeing and being seen, the eye IS the art and the art IS the eye, made by the eye for the eye, well, that's where Runny comes in. And that's why he is running, to keep up with it all."  - Jim Phillips



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